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See how to activate your loyalty and rewards account so you can start earning credits.

Open Loyalty Pop-up

Click on the Loyalty Widget in the lower left corner of

Sign In

Sign In to your existing account or Sign Up for a new account in the top half of the pop-up window.

Create a Link

Click Create Link Button on the bottom in the pop-up window. This will generate your referral link.

Share Your Link

Share Your Unique Link with friends to start earning rewards. If they make a purchase, they get $10 off.... and you get a $10 credit too.

Share Your Referral Link!

Ways to Share

Following is sample copy that you can copy and paste to share this offer with friends and family. You can also use the share buttons provided. Don't forget to insert your custom loyalty link to earn your $10 credits.

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Hey friends! Use this link  [INSERT YOUR CUSTOM LOYALTY LINK] to save $10 off your 1st Pharmacopia purchase! I'll get a $10 credit, too. Treat yourself!




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I love Pharmacopia and thought you might too! You'll get $10 off your purchase. Extra bonus... I'll get a $10 credit, too. Click here [INSERT YOUR CUSTOM LOYALTY LINK] and choose anything you like. Treat yourself!