Our Favorite Self-Care Gift Ideas (For You or a Friend)

Self-care, that is taking the time to do things for yourself that will make you more relaxed, happier, and healthier, is top on our list at Pharmacopia of important things in life. Founder Lisa Levin loves spending time appreciating the beauty and stillness of nature, which is why she looked to plants when she started our better-for-you line of bath and body products. For Lisa, self-care is taking the time to do the things she needs to do for her mental and physical health and well-being.

Pharmacopia Self Care Gift IdeasBecause self-care is such an important part of what we do at Pharmacopia, we decided to pull together a list of our favorite self-care gift ideas—for you, a friend, a loved one, or even a co-worker. These wellness gifts are appreciated at any time of the year.

Our Top 15 Self-Care Gift Ideas

  1. Sleepytime Spa: Pair up a soft pair of PJs with Pharmacopia Mint Argan Body Lotion in a beautiful basket. Our lightweight and heady Mint Argan Body Lotion hydrates without feeling greasy. It’s the perfect lotion—with a heavenly aroma—to slather on before bed.
  1. Perfectly Gifted: A gift card to a favorite spa with our award-winning aromatic Verbena Body Wash—packed in a reusable but new shopping tote with colorful tissue paper—makes the perfect gift for anyone.
  1. Silky Hair, Happy Hair: Roll up a set of microfiber hair towels with our Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner set. Infused with energizing essences of orange, bergamot, and grapefruit, this invigorating gift set will be enough to add shine to anyone’s hair.
  1. Cozy Comfort: A plush robe makes the perfect gifting companion to our Body Bar Bundle. This threesome of our sudsy, hydrating soaps—formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, animal ingredients, synthetic fragrances, or dyes—is ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  1. Facial Favorites: A bamboo sleep eye mask, a set of vegan facial masks, and Pharmacopia’s hydrating vegan Tangerine Lip Elixir—infused with olive oil, vitamin E, and hemp seed oil—makes the perfect cruelty-free gift for a friend or colleague.
  1. Bathing Beauty: Pack up soothing epsom salts, a box of herbal peppermint tea, and Pharmacopia’s Moroccan inspired Mint Argan Body Wash—slightly minty and slightly floral—and you’ll be gifting the perfect nighttime routine for a friend or loved one.
  1. Easy Peasy: A Pharmacopia gift card for $25 is the perfect gift for anyone. Stock up on several and have them on hand for hostess gifts, thank-you gifts, or even teacher gifts.
  1. Aromatic Essentials: A soothing aromatic pillow spray in lavender can be packaged beautifully with a silky soft bamboo pillow case—soothing for skin and hair—and bamboo sleep mask. Add Pharmacopia’s Verbana Body Lotion for bedside soothing and you’re helping to reinforce someone’s sleepytime ritual.
  1. Gift of Gratitude: A gratitude journal is always a welcome present for those needing some introspective thoughts. Pair this up with our pampering Assorted Body Lotion Bundle, and be sure to include a note: “So grateful for YOU!”
  1. Scent of Wellness: An essential oil diffuser makes a great gift when paired with your favorite calming essential oil and a trio of Pharmacopia Tangerine Lip Elixirs. These favorite hydrating lip balms—enriched with aromatic mandarin orange peel oil—are rich in calendula flower oil, comfrey leaf extract, olive oil, and castor oil, not to mention shea butter and jojoba oil.
  1. Homemade Magic: Write up, on colorful index cards, your favorite do-it-yourself beauty recipes, then include some of the ingredients in tiny gift jars with ribbons in a pretty gift basket. Some of our favorite ingredients: oatmeal (can be added, along with our Pharmacopia Body Wash, to bathwater for a soothing soak), granulated sugar (can be mixed with a swipe of our Tangerine Lip Elixir for an exfoliating lip scrub), and honey (can be applied to the face after cleansing for a natural healing facial).
  1. Mindful Moments: Being mindful is one of the best ways to indulge in self-care. You can buy a set of mindfulness cards—or create your own with mindful moments and thoughtful mantra ideas. Pair these up with a beautiful tea mug, tea infuser, and loose-leaf herbal tea. Add in one of our Pharmacopia natural Body Lotions—infused with mood-boosting essential oils—to round out your present.
  1. Soft, Shiny Hair: Pharmacopia’s Shampoo and Conditioner bundle paired up with a beautiful detangling brush and set of scrunchies—finished off with a beautiful ribbon—is a simple but much appreciated gift for a friend.
  1. Body Beautiful: A soft body brush, perfect for revving up the circulatory and lymph systems, can be added to a new but reusable tote filled with beautifully colored tissue paper. Add in a Pharmacopia Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Body Bar and you have a self-care gift that will keep on giving. A beautiful body towel can round out the package.
  1. Sweet and Simple: Whether you’re filling someone’s stocking over the holidays or just giving a small gift of appreciation, our Tangerine Lip Elixir trio makes a wonderful little gift when wrapped up with a pretty ribbon.