Pampering Do-It-Yourself Spa Recipes
Your favorite plant-based Pharmacopia products can easily double as indulgent spa essentials with the addition of a few pantry basics. Give yourself some ME time with these self-care recipes and you’ll reap the indulgent benefits.
The Secret Ingredients for Happy Lips

There’s a reason Pharmacopia’s devoted customers are clamoring for more of our much-loved Herbal Lip Elixir: it’s vegan, it’s cruelty free, and all the ingredients are plant based. But wait, there’s more... key ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, chamomile flowers, and comfrey are certified organic. 

What You Need to Know About Cleansers
To lather up … or not? The idea of creating lots of suds when you wash anything—hair, body, clothes, dishes—has come to be synonymous with getting a great clean. But lather actually has nothing to do with how clean you’re getting.
A Message from Our Founders
Hear from Pharmacopia's founders about the origins of the company and the passion that keeps us going. From healthier ingredients to our commitment to being better for you and better for the planet, we are excited for what the New Year will bring.