The Secret Ingredients for Happy Lips

There’s a reason Pharmacopia’s devoted customers are clamoring for more of our much-loved Herbal Lip Elixir: it’s vegan, it’s cruelty free, and it’s made from plant-based, skin-friendly ingredients. But wait, there’s more: it’s certified 70% organic by Oregon Tilth! Not only does our fabulous lip balm come in an oversized tube, it doubles as a healing salve for dry cuticles, nails, elbows and more. What’s not to love?

Pharmacopia Herbal Lip Elixir for Chapped Lips

Compare that to the ingredients in many lip balms -- petroleum-derived petrolatum, paraffin, and mineral oil -- who wants to put that on their lips?!

Here's more about why this balm is, well … the bomb:

Organic extra virgin olive oil Our most plentiful ingredient is infused with organic calendula flowers and organic comfrey leaves for additional anti-inflammatory and skin-renewing properties.

Organic hemp oil Rich in good-for-your-skin fatty acids and antioxidants, these ingredients sync up with what’s found in your skin’s natural moisture barrier. What that means for you: hemp oil feeds your lips what they need to stay soft, smooth, supple, and chap free.

Organic jojoba oil Pronounced ho-ho-ba, this nourishing oil is produced from the seed of the jojoba plant—a native of Northern Mexico. It’s full of antioxidants and fatty acids and is very similar in structure to the skin’s natural oil. This allows it be absorbed easily into the skin, resulting in muy kissable lips.

Organic pomegranate seed oil Plant sterols—anti-inflammatory compounds—are the workhorse ingredients in this oil. They soothe and hydrate skin, and keep dryness at bay.

Organic chamomile flower oil Chock-full of antioxidants from the daisy-like flowers of the chamomile plant, this oil helps calm and soothe the skin, accelerating healing.

Organic castor seed oil Fatty acids in this oil help hydrate the skin. They act as natural occlusive moisturizers, which prevent or reduce water loss through the outer layer of skin.

Organic shea butter Restorative shea butter works like an emollient to soften and smooth dry skin.

Top it all off with tangerine peel oil to give our elixir the slightest scent of citrus. Your lips will thank you!