Our History

Lisa Levin is the founder of Pharmacopia. Twenty years ago, after a successful but stressful career as a creative director and graphic designer, Lisa was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Performing extensive research, Lisa learned that our bodies are burdened by environmental toxins that can impair our health – including the very products we use on our skin.

What Lisa learned sparked her interest in natural medicine and led to a lifelong practice. Lisa studied with an herbalist, transforming the abundant herbs in her northern California garden into Pharmacopia’s original products. Long before the clean beauty movement was established, Lisa began educating consumers about healthier choices and brought Pharmacopia’s beautiful and affordable products to market.

Andreliz joined the company in 2006. Together, Lisa and Andreliz have lovingly grown Pharmacopia into the line of clean body and hair care products that it is today.

Pharmacopia History
Pharmacopia Founder Lisa Levin
Founder and CEO

Lisa Levin

Lisa’s years of experience in branding and marketing, combined with her interest in natural health, gave her the perfect background to launch Pharmacopia. Her curiosity about how toxins in the environment were affecting us led her to research safe ingredients, the benefits of essential oils and therapeutic herbs. When Lisa is not dreaming up products, you might find her drinking tea, tending her organic garden, or cycling in the hills of Marin County.

Founding Partner and President

Andreliz McGlade

An experienced entrepreneur, Andreliz was immediately taken with Pharmacopia’s toxin-free products and beautiful packaging. Her interest in natural and organic products, coupled with her background and experience made her the ideal partner for this growing company. As a busy wife and mother, she truly values Pharmacopia’s misson of clean and healthy body products.

Pharmacopia's Andreliz McGlade