What is Aromatherapy?
Powerful aromatic compounds extracted from plants’ flowers, bark, fruit, and leaves capture the plant’s essence and have tremendous healing benefits. 
Declutter Your Space and Your Mind Will Follow
It turns out that clutter in our surroundings contributes to decreased focus and lack of clarity, not to mention emotional stress and anxiety. 
Go Green … for St. Patrick’s Day!
There are simple ways you can "green up" your bath, body, and beauty routines. At Pharmacopia, we’re here to help! 
Six Healing Strategies for Winter Wellness
Being careful washing and sanitizing my hands, being aware of not touching my eyes or nose, and wearing a mask has helped me avoid catching other viruses.
Pampering Do-It-Yourself Spa Recipes
Your favorite plant-based Pharmacopia products can easily double as indulgent spa essentials with the addition of a few pantry basics. 
The Secret Ingredients for Happy Lips

Pharmacopia’s devoted customers are clamoring for more of our much-loved Herbal Lip Elixir... it’s vegan, it’s cruelty free, and all the ingredients are plant-based.

What You Need to Know About Cleansers
The idea of creating lots of suds when you wash anything—hair, body, clothes, dishes—has come to be synonymous with getting a great clean. 
A Message from Our Founders
Hear from Pharmacopia's founders about the origins of the company and the passion that keeps us going.